Uber Phone Number, Email Support and Customer Support Guide

Many people often don’t know where to go when they have a question or complaint about Uber. However, there are several ways through which anyone can reach Uber customer support for help. Though at times it can be hard reaching their customer support through Uber phone number, the best way is through channels such as Email and social media. No matter where you are, here is a list of the places that you can go to get help.

Uber phone number, customer support

In-App support

One of the best ways of reaching Uber is through their in-app support. It is the fastest way of contacting Uber in case you have any problems as a passenger apart from Uber phone number. This was unveiled in March, 2016 to address all the other questions that were not answered on their support website. It seems Uber is putting more effort in this since questions here do not last an hour before they are answered making it ideal for emergencies.

Through their e-mail

Apart from Uber’s in-app support, the other effective way is to contact Uber over email. With this, you will receive an answer in about 1 to 2 hours. Despite having a separate e-mail address for every city, they also have a general support e-mail which is [emailprotected] When using e-mail, it is advisable to ask one question at a time and reply their email on the same day if you want the same person to answer you.

Social media

Many companies are very keen when it comes to helping their customers through their social media accounts. However, with Uber you may or may not get a response for your question. When it comes to Facebook, the support is better than any other social site thanks to their new Facebook messenger support.

One can tweet @Uber to get support over twitter. For support over facebook one can post message on Uber facebook page https://www.facebook.com/uber

Uber phone number

Despite Uber not having a call centre, they advise their users to call 800-353-Uber for help in case of an emergency. This number puts you to Uber’s Incidence Response Teams. It should only be used when you get into an accident or experience a very serious security or safety issue. Apart from that, there is another Uber phone number attached to Uber’s company registration, (415) 801-4068. However, this is to only inform about the company and you may probably get a long answering machine message when you call it. For their drivers, they have an icon that is located in the Help section within their partner app that connects them to Uber phone support.

So now if you have any questions, problems or concerns, you have all the ways that you can use to reach them and get help.

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