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Luxury is a relative term. For some BMW is luxury for others it is Rolls Royce or Bentley, simply because they can afford the former. Whatever be your definition of luxury, we have a fleet of cars to suit your needs. UberSelect is a premium segment of Uber that provides luxury sedans for hire without burdening you financially. You need a ride, just take out your smartphone and log on to the Uber App. Choose a ride and book through UberSelect. Within minutes your luxury car will be waiting outside your door.

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Uber is a multinational firm with presence in over 65 countries. Since, 2009 it has expanded its operations and diversified its interests. UberSelect is one of its most popular segments. It is a twin brother of Uber Black but without the black. The sedans in this segment can be of any color. Uber is known for its customer friendly approach and does everything to make travel peaceful.

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With UberSelect you do not have to wait. You will receive a ride within a few moments of your booking. You will also receive details of the driver and car that is about to pick you up. Prior to arrival of the vehicle you will know how the driver looks. You can also track the route and anonymously inform us about any mess-ups.

Safety comes first

For Uber, a passenger's safety comes it. It takes all the necessary steps to ensure that he or she is safe. Uber is known for its dedication to clients and guarantees 100% satisfaction. The drivers are selected based on their experience and driving skills. Every car is equipped with a GPS and Uber always knows where the vehicle is at any given point of time. With UberSelect you will not only get best but safe cars as well.

UberSelect Requirements

To get shortlisted for the UberSelect category a car must be newer than 2007. It should be well maintained and have an in-state registration license. Unlike Uber Black, there is no restriction on the color and interiors of the car. UberSelect is for the few who like to travel in stylish and sporty high-class vehicles like Audi, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, Kia etc.

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Cars available under UberSelect

To calculate UberSelect estimate simply enter your origin and destination and the app will tell you the exact fare you would need to pay for the ride.

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